Saturday, February 28, 2009

The morning stretch

Desi spends the evenings swaddled. When he wakes up and we take him out of the swaddle, he always gives a little stretch that I think is adorable. So, I recorded it. Clearly, this is a "Dad thinks his baby is the cutest in the world" type video and others may not agree that it's adorable. But, those people are stupid.


Anonymous said...

I must agree...this is adorable....but I also must ask ou to ask Desi not to grow so fast...grandma won't be able to pick him up by the time she gets there!

Grandma P

Staci said...

We call that The Question Mark.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Addi hated the swaddling. Hows the staying home going? Poor Addi is having a tough time. All the moving and traveling and my not walking has her schedule jacked up. She is regressing in her night time habits.