Friday, February 20, 2009

I stink

I seem to have discovered a new cologne.

First, I should remind you that I am currently spending all day with the baby.

Today, I went to the store because we were out of milk. Shaundar was home, so I left the baby with her. They were both napping.

It's a chilly out, so I grabbed a sweater.

At the store, I stopped in the beer section, as I often do. While I was perusing the different brews, I noticed a funny smell. It smelled like sour milk. It didn't take me long to figure out that this smell was coming from me...even though I was wearing a sweater over the shirt that I wore with the baby. In fact...I was even wearing a new shirt. I put on a clean shirt and a clean sweatshirt before I left. THE SMELL WAS COMING FROM MY SKIN! Ew.

I wonder if I can market this stuff. Ode to Baby Barf.

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Anonymous said...

The joys of parenthood!

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