Desi takes a beating, today

We had 2 little accidents, today.

First, I get home. Shaundar and Desi are on the couch. I lean over the back of the couch to say Hi! From the stairs behind me, I hear *BA-DOOM, BA-DOOM, BA-DOOM* as Quincy races down the stairs and quickly jumps up on the couch to greet the process trampling the baby. Don't worry, Desi is fine. More shocked than hurt. But, I am glad we have a Boston Terrier and not a Great Dane. the evening, during our night-time play time, we were practicing sitting up. Des was on his butt, and I was holding him by the hands. He did one of those crazy straighten my entire body moves that freak us out and at the same time threw in a head fling backwards. Put the two together and he bonked is head on the carpeted floor. Again...more shocked than hurt.

Tomorrow, we'll work on falling down the stairs.


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