Saturday, July 5, 2008

When I'm a Dad, I promise not to... off 10 versions of the same picture of my kid.

You ever meet one of those new parents who just LOVE to show off pictures of their newborn. This is all fine and good. Who doesn't like to see pictures of their buddy's new tax deduction?

Here's the rub. Some people will take a million pictures of their kid in a one minute span. Oh, he's making a face. Oooh, here he's making the same face, only he's looking to the left. Ooh, here he's making a different face, even though it looks almost identical to the last two, it's really not.

I won't be this dad. It's okay to take a bunch of different pictures of the same event. I mean, you want to get the best one, right? What you should do, however, is figure out which one is the best one and get rid of the others. Or, at least refrain from showing off the others. People don't need to see the same face over and over again.

Oh...and, we started on the nursery, today. It's been emptied for a while. My cousin, Kelley, came over to help us paint. Here's a couple pictures.

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