Saturday, July 19, 2008

And, the name is...


I many kids have this name?

For real, though...we've settled. Starbucks real name...the one that will be on his birth certificate, is: Desmond Elijah Aloysius Fredrick Jason John McCain Bradbury Pankow.

But, Desmond Elijah Pankow, for short.

Desmond has been the boy name that's been on the top of our lists for some time. It's a favorite of both of ours, and it's the only one we could both agree on. Shaundar liked Keiran, which I hated. We both like Galen, but decided the kid would be called Gay in school. I liked Biff.

Just kidding on Biff. But, I do really like Aloysius as a middle name. I appear to be the only one in the world, however.

Desmond doesn't mean much. Officially, it means "Man from South Munster." I have also seen, "Man of the World." We picked it because we like the name and it's not popular. Plus, it can easily be shortened to Des or Desi. But, then...when he's a man, it sounds very strong.

Isaiah was the original middle name choice, but that would create DIP. So, it didn't wast long. Aloysius would be in DAPPER, but it didn't sell.

Anyway, we reserve the right to alter this at any time until the Birth Certificate is created. If we meet young Starbuck and he looks more like a Joe, we'll adjust.

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OurFishFamily said...

I LOVE his name (& of course I can't wait to meet him!)... -Meg

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