Friday, July 11, 2008

A slight redemtion for the ultrasound people, but I still hate them.

I don't remember how much I have complained about them on blogger, but I know I have been complaining about them in person.

In a nutshell...I really don't like the Obstetrix Seattle Ultrasound. We've been there 4 times. 1 was good (yesterday's), 1 was fine, and 2 were bad.

I think the job off all these baby people must become routine. I think they forget what an important role they are playing in our lives and in the life of our baby.

I blogged about our first visit a while back ("How long ago was your first miscarriage?") The 2nd visit was the one I say was fine. In and out. Nothing bad, but nothing exciting, either. The 3rd visit was the worst one. Talk about bad bedside manner. And, the moment we found out the sex was ridiculously unfulfilling, as well. Perhaps the moment was dull by the fact that the tech (the tech, mind you...not the doctor) made a comment that had us wondering if she just noticed a tumor on Shaundar's ovary (it wasn't, by the way). Or, perhaps it was the fact that it came and went to quickly that we barely noticed it ourselves. I don't know.

Regardless, until the rockin' lady we had yesterday, I've hated this place.

I've heard great things about Overlake. For example...I hear they give you tons of pictures. At Seattle Obstetrix, we've gotten 2 each time. And, at the 3rd visit, the pics were so bad that I didn't even scan them. You can get more, if you want (4-6) but you have to pay $15 for the CD.

Also, a friend who is pregnant with her second, has had her ultrasounds through Overlake. Said the guy walked her through everything he was doing and everything he was looking at. We didn't get that until the last lady, as well. Basically, they just poke around and take pictures and we wait for the doctor to pop in and say, "All Clear."

Anyway...I could go on forever. But, if you're reading this and you are planning to have a baby at Swedish (everything else about Swedish is great), avoid their Seattle ultrasound place. Is bites.

PS: Obstetrix came up both times on spell check. But, this is how the place spells it. Maybe they're trying to be creative, or something.

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