Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Breast Feeding Dad

I've mentioned before, Shaundar plans to breastfeed. We've been reading up on pumps and stuff.

Seems like most of what I read talks about exclusively breastfeeding. Now, I know that there are tons of families who feed their kid breast milk from the bottle. Even the Baby Bargains book that Tiffany gave us kept talking about how much money we would be saving on bottles, nipples, etc, if we breast feed.

Is it just me, or does it sound like the world is chock full of lazy dads?

Another book we had, on almost every page, there is a sidebar directed at dads. The one on feeding sounds like it has to convince dad that he need to feed his kid, too.

Dude...feed your damn kid. You are part of this equation, too.

Anyway, I keep reading about how mom will be much more tired than dad because she is the one that has to get up to feed Jr if she is breastfeeding. Buy some bottles, pump into them, and let Dad take his turn.

I have this plan, that I think sounds great. But, I never seem to read about anyone suggesting it. It can't be original, because it seems so obvious, to me. My idea: each parent gets a night of baby duty. That way, instead of you both being constantly awaken only then to determine who's turn it is, just take a full night. Mom gets baby while Dad gets a full night's sleep, and visa versa. Still not ideal as one of you gets a pretty crappy night. But, the other is sleeping like a baby (where did that term come from...everyone I talk to says the keep waking up).

Funniest thing I read about dad's feeding the infant is that dad should do it with his shirt off, to simulate the feel of breast feeding. It will make baby feel more secure, or something.

Dude...if I take my shirt off to feed Starbuck, he's not going to feel more secure. He's gonna wonder where the grass came from. He's gonna wonder he's against a wool sweater.

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