Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did you feel that!? Did you feel that?!

We're at the point in the pregnancy where Shaundar can feel Starbuck moving around. At times, she says she can feel it from the outside, as well. So, there have been many moments of, "Give me your hand!" at which point my hand goes to her abdomen and...nada.

So, I'll sit there with my hand on her belly for a few minutes. During this time, I usually have feelings mixed between, "Man, I really wish I could feel something," and, "Man, I would really like to get back to my book."

I think I read somewhere that you typically can't feel baby from the outside until month 6 or 7. We're at 5, so I figure there is still some time before I'll be able to tell a kick from re-fried beans.

Sleeping at night is getting more and more uncomfortable, crankiness is ensuing, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger.

I think Shaundar is having some problems, too.

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