Thursday, November 5, 2020


I can't stop watching the news.  Nothing has happened in 24 hours, but I can't pull myself away.  

Things are looking good for Biden.  It's not done, but it's looking positive that we will boot President Asshole into the trash bin of our history along with Joe McCarthy, Jefferson Davis and Benedict Arnold.  

Latest reports are that, should Biden declare victory (which he won't until he is clearly the victor, unlike Trump who has already claimed victory), Trump will not concede.  He'll fight.  Because, that's what he does.  Because he's a dick. 

Hearing this, I was reminded of the greatest public servant of my lifetime.  My Senator, one of my heroes, the man I so badly wanted to be President: John McCain.  

John McCain would have been an amazing president.  Possibly one of the best the country has ever seen.  He valued life, unborn and immigrant alike.  He listened to the other side, he didn't just brush them off.  He was always, ALWAYS country before party.  But, he ran against Barack Obama.  

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not one of those idiots that thinks Obama was the worst president ever.  I didn't agree with him on much.  I never voted for him.  But, he was a good man.  McCain would have been a better president.  But, the time was right for Obama.  There was not a single person alive that could have beaten Obama.  McCain really should have won the nomination in 2000.  Oh well. 

Anyway, my point.  I was reflecting on the campaign of 2008.  And, I recalled John McCain's concession speech.  Possibly the most gracious in my life time.  Certainly, the most gracious that I remember.  Granted, I am biased.  But, I think it's hard to argue that this was a lesson in class.  It is such a shame that our current leader knows nothing of class. 

Here is the speech, for your viewing pleasure.  

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