Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Let's talk about Mr. Owen

So...I was sitting around recently, reflecting on, I don't reflection, when I realized something:  Owen Francis has really gotten the shaft when it comes to my blog.  When Desmond was born, I was blogging all the time about him.  Oooh, he rolled over!  Ooooh...something about poop.  Oooh...look how cute he is when he burps.

But, Owen hasn't gotten that treatment.  It's not because he's not's because I am older and much more tired.

So, I would like to take a moment to talk about my 2nd youngest.  Mr. Owen Francis.

  1. Owen is Sassy!  He is the kid that will look at you before he messes with the remote control just to make sure you see what he's doing.  Then...when to try to take it away, he will run away!!!  And...he's make sure to quickly put something between you and him (like the couch or coffee table) to make it even harder to catch him. 
  2. He is a daredevil.  He loves to climb.  Forget the kiddie playground at the park.  He wants the big kid set.  AND...he wants to get to the top of this set via the rock climbing wall, not the stairs.  He will climb anything...beds, chairs, fireplaces, shelves, name it.  You can't take your eyes off of him. 
  3. He is a sweetheart!  Teacher Cory at school says he's the sweetest boy she's met.  And, we see that from him often.  If a friend falls, he makes sure they're ok.  If he hears you bonk something or drop something, "You ok, Daddy?"  
  4. Did I mention he's sassy?  He has this new thing at night.  Often, he refuses to give me a kiss goodnight.  That's fine...I'm not going to force him.  However, lately, he WILL give me a kiss!!!  And then he will promptly wipe it off and laugh as he runs away.  
  5. He's smart!  He's a lot like Desmond in this way.  I'm not sure how much is genetic (I mean, I am a genius) and how much is his amazing school.  But, he's a chatterbox!  And, he's quick to learn things.  Although...he's slow to learn his colors.  Everything is green.  But, he'll get there.  
  6. He loves music!!!  LOVES it!  He got a ukulele for Christmas.  He calls it his Suzanne, after the music teacher at his school.  He will frequently sings songs while we drive to school in the morning.  And, he'll make radio requests.  "Let it Go" and "We Know the Way" from Moana are current favorites.  
  7. He's sassy.  I taught him "Got your nose."  Only, when he takes my nose, he doesn't put it on his own face or in his pocket.  No...he throws my nose across the room and then proceeds to laugh manically.  
  8. He adores his big brother.  And (usually) Desmond adores him back.  I saw usually because Desmond is a tween.  He can often be moody, lately.  And, sometimes, having a toddler following you around and demanding all of your attention can be annoying (heck...I'm 41 and it can be annoying).  But, when Desmond is on, he is the greatest big brother in the world!  They play really well together.  And, I have never heard either of them laugh as hard as they do when they are goofing off.  
  9. He's a mama's boy.  We're talking stage 4 clinger, sometimes.  If mommy is around, he needs to be right next to her.  Unless of course, Daddy is throwing him in the air or brother is paying balloons with him or daddy is chasing him around the back yard or brother is playing "baby catcher" with him.  But, as soon as those things stop...MOMMY!!!!   Kim, of course, loves it...until she doesn't.  You know...about that moment when she realizes,'s actually easy to walk and talk and do real things when I don't have another appendage that needs attention.  
  10. He's sassy.  Did I say that already???

Anway...Opie, man.  He keeps us on our toes.  He's pretty fantastic.  Parenting at 40 is much more tiring than parenting at 30.  But, if I'm gonna be tired, I glad it because of this guy. 

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