Friday, January 30, 2009

Overdue post and sleep

I know, I know...I haven't really had a good posting in a while. Pics and work stuff. That's all you've gotten for the last month or so.'s the scoop.

Desi is smiling pretty regularly. Except when we get the camera out. My mother says he's a typical Pankow that way.

Also...Desi sleeps through the night, already. No joke. At least, as the doctor defines is. Most nights, he sleeps for 6 or more hours before waking up to eat. This is the only time he goes that long. During the day, he typically needs to eat every two hours. But, at night, he goes down at 9, sometimes fusses a bit, but he's usually out within 30 minutes or so. He won't wake up again until around 3...sometimes later. The other night...he actually went 8 full hours. I don't even sleep for 8 hours.

Shaundar mentioned this to the doctor because we weren't sure if that was healthy. The doctor said, "That's great! I wouldn't tell your friends about it, though. They may get jealous."

We've been trying to hang out with more babies, lately. I want Des to start seeing other kids. We've spent time with Rusty and Megan and their daughter Lia. And, Eugenia and Kenny had us over to hang out with Gabe and Gavin. Kids are fun.

Finally...we joined a PEPS group. Program for Early Parent Support. It's basically a group of new parents that get together and talk about being new parents. Desi is easily the cutest baby there...but, that's a given being that he is the cutest baby in the entire world, ever...well, with maybe one exeption. A ridiculously attractive baby born in 1977 in a small town in Arizona.

Tomorrow...we hang with more parents. We also pack for our upcoming trip to Michigan. Then, on Sunday, we're watching the Arizona Cardinals play in the Superbowl. Who saw that coming? I figured that kind of event would be as unlikely as America electing a black president!

Wait a second...

Go Cardinals!

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Anonymous said...

Your doctor was right, I am jealous! We're lucky if Isaiah sleeps more than 3 hours during the night. When you get back let's plan on getting together. Maybe we can plan a trip up your way.

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