Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shot day

Desi got his shots, today.

4 vaccinations, total. One was oral. He's a trooper, that kid. We laid him down on the table. He was sucking on his sucky thing and everything was grand. Then, the medical asst. poked him. Three pokes, total. All in the span of about 5 seconds. She was quite fast, props to her for that.

Desi was looking right at me, sucking away, when the first one went in. It's hard to describe his face in writing. But, if I were to attempt to translate his look into words, his face was saying, "OH MY GOD! WHAT THE F*@$ IS GOING ON. JESUS CHRIST, THAT HURTS!"

We have since had a discussion about swearing and taking the Lord's name in vain...even through facial expressions.

Anyway, it's hard not to look back and chuckle just a little. I mean, happy go lucky kid who's eyes instantly go huge, while his mouth turns into a quick frown, and who starts screaming exactly 3 seconds after the first needle went in.

After the shots were over, I picked him up and help him close and shooshed him. He was done crying 5 seconds later. So...all-in-all, not bad. He's sleeping, now. Either that, or pretending to sleep as he plots his revenge.

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Staci said...

Now if she were a GOOD nurse/dr/p.a. SHE would have picked Desi up and quieted him down and apologized!!

Some believe that it will actually calm the fears of going to the dr when they're able to vent their disapproval. But I'm sure there's no medical documentation to support that.

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