The Labor Playlist

The Baby prep suggestions, this week,include preparing music for the labor period.

Shaundar will be preparing this playlist, of course. But, I think I will sneak one in to play right as the pushing starts.

Spinderalla, kick it up one time!


Anonymous said…
Jason -

Because I love you more than anything, I figured I'd better warn you of what will probably happen if you go through with this plan...

Have you ever been kicked really, really hard directly in the face?

Come to think of it, Shaundar might not aim for your face...

Sometimes I wonder where you get that warped sense of humor...must be from your father's side of the family...
Anonymous said…
That is an awsome idea, I'm sure the judge at the divorce court will find it quite funny.

I wonder how it feels to get your ass kicked by 15 nurses at the swedish hospital.

eugenia said…
I find your sense of humor so flippin hilarious! did you pull off Salt and Peppa from circa 1980 something???

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