Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to Doula?

We've been discussing the possibility of having a doula in the labor room with us.

Why? you ask? Well...Shaundar is a pretty anxious person. She's never been through this and she's pretty scared about the whole labor thing. She stresses easy, and she has a low tolerance for pain.

Me...I distract easy and have patience issues.

So, we're discussing if it would be better to have a labor partner there to help us out.

For all of you relatives that just thought you could do it. No. If I can't do it, you can't do it.

Here are my immediate thoughts on a doula.
1) They are trained professionals who are specifically around to make you as comfortable and as stress free as possible.
2) They aren't cheap.
3) Everyone I have talked to that has used one LOVED it.
4) Doula is a funny word.

A lot of our interest in a doula centers around pain meds. Shaundar says that she wants to go natural, if at all possible. Of course, like I mentioned, she doesn't handle pain to well. She could tell me going in, "I don't want any meds." Then...7 hours into labor, if she goes, "GIVE ME THE [expletive] MEDS YOU STUPID PILE OF PUTRID PIG [expletive]!" I don't have to be the one to say No.

We're not positive we're going this route. I mean, to me...a doula seems like little more than a weight training partner. You know...the person behind you yelling, "Come on! One more push you sissy!" Only, you pay this woman a few hundred bucks.

There are lots of pros. Cons are that I am cheap. We're probably gonna do some interviews and see what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

As an expert in watching my wife give birth el-natural, I have one word of advice (actually two). First get a doula, they will allow you to concentrate on Shaundar (or a football game in my case). Second, do not get a smokin' hot doula with large, emm, distrations. You will pay for those unpure thoughts later.

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