Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A vision of things to come?

So, let's talk about our current baby, Quincy, for a moment.

Last night, Shaundar and I were watching Heroes. Quincy starts barking from downstairs. I had just let him out 10 minutes prior. And, as our TV is on the 3rd floor and the back door is on the first, my response was, "Shut up, Quincy!" It was clear he just wanted attention, and I was busy watching Heroes.

2 minutes later, we hear the thunderous *badump-badump-badump* made by a Boston Terrier as Quincy races up two flights of stairs. He zooms around to the front of the chair that I am sitting in and stares at me. In his mouth is a plastic reusable bag that Shaundar keeps in his purse. The look on Quincy's face was, "You didn't listen to me...look what I did!"

Turns out, he had jumped on the couch, pulled Shaundar's purse off, and rummaged through it until he found something to play with, despite the millions of toys he has strewn around.

I got up to take it away, and he zipped into the guest room and under the bed.

Negative attention is better than no attention, I guess. As mad at we were, it did warrant a pretty good laugh.

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