Saturday, September 6, 2008

Childcare is going to SUCK

If you have a kid in daycare, you know what I'm talking about, here. Daycare is NOT cheap. It's no wonder some women stop working altogether so they can stay home and take care of the kids.

We were looking into a daycare in downtown Seattle, close to where Shaundar works. Even with the Microsoft discount...$1600/month.

That's more than I paid towards my mortgage when we lived in Tacoma.

In the state of Washington, you are supposed to have 1 adult for every 4 infants.

1 Adults for every 4 infants.

Let me remind you what an infant is. An infant is a crying, pooping, constant attention seeking creature that can do nothing on it's own.

So...1 adult is supposed to take care of 4 of those? What if they all poop at the same time? What if they all need bottles at the same time. What if they each grab a pair of tweezers and head towards 4 different electrical outlets?

And, we're supposed to pay $1600 a month for that?

We've got some neighbors who have just had a baby. We've been discussing each of us converting to a work week of 4-10's (10 hour work days 4 days a week instead of 8 hours 5 days a week). This way, each of us could babysit both infants once a week, and we could hire a babysitter or something for the 5th day. Shaundar's work nixed this idea. They're not very progressive. I have yet to bring the idea up at my work. But, I'm optimistic. Anyway, without Shaundar, we're not sure if it can be pulled off, or not. We'll discuss.

But...there is no way in Hades that I am paying $1600 a month for someone to watch my kid along with three others.


Anonymous said...

The new tuition schedule for Maisie's daycare is $1550 for infants and their adult/child ratio is three to one. (California requires four to one also.) It's surprising that Seattle is more expensive than LA. Maybe you could find something cheaper further from downtown. But you should probably get your name in at that place now anyway. We couldn't get into any daycare for seven months after she was born.

On the bright side a good daycare will help with potty training, manners . . . chimney sweeping . . .

Anonymous said...


They don't stay an infant forever. Maisie's new tuition is a lot less now.

Anonymous said...

Dude, do both you and Shaundar have enough leave accrued to take concurrent leave? This can reduce the need for care long enough to get Starbuck into todler care. that only runs 400/per month.

Anonymous said...

Think Nanny!! You and you friend could get together and afford a nanny for much less.

Anonymous said...

In Vegas, I paid $270/WEEK for Jakob and Ryan. I basically worked to pay for daycare.

Not to mention the lovely little diseases they bring home. Jakob contracted menengitis when he was 5 months old.

However, when I moved to Havasu Ryan's preschool was $360/MONTH and Jakob went to P&R which was about $120 for 9 weeks.

Guess you'll just have to move back home...your mom'd love that!

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