Go Gonzaga!

Desi and I are road-tripping to Spokane, this week.  It's a boys trip to see my boys, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, play on their home turf.  I haven't been back to campus in 10 years.  I have never seen the new arena.  So, I am pretty stoked.  Of course, I expect Desmond to completely enjoy seeing his dad's old hangouts.  I'm sure he'll love to see my old dorm, the house I lived in on Baldwin, the theatre where I performed in Little Shop of Horrors, the classroom where I suffered through French, and the Bulldog where I downed many an alcoholic beverage.

Realistically...he'll enjoy the park and maybe pretty campus.  He'll hate the drive and get super annoyed at all the nostalgia I am forcing at him. 

Oh well...I have high hopes that he'll enjoy the basketball game, at least.

Go Gonzaga! from Jason Pankow on Vimeo.


Desi's Grandma P said…
This is too cute! Remind me again of how many hours the trip is? You are either one brave daddy or completely loco....

Is the game televised???? It's one I'd DVR as I'm sure the cheerleaders will be gaga over my little guy.

Don't forget to show him the girls' dorm which was the primary place his daddy spent his time...

GO Desi...I mean Zags...
JasonP said…
The trip is about 4.5 hours if I am doing 70 or so. I will likely be going slower through the mountains, so it will probably be longer.

I don't know if it will be televised. It's Gonzaga vs Xavier at 8:00 Pacific. I don't know that I will be close enough to the cheerleaders for them to get to be gaga over him.

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