Saturday, July 25, 2009

Desi's real dad was a Shaolin Monk

I am convinced that Desi's real father was Quai Chang Cain, or something. Let me explain:

The other day, I was changing Desmond's poopy diaper. As I removed the diaper and noticed the copious amounts of feces, I quickly realized that Des was in a kicking mood. This meant, that if I wasn't careful, one of those feet was quickly going to find it's way into the dirty side of the diaper.

Sure enough, Desi looked at me and I could see it in his eyes. He was going to kick and he was aiming straight for the poo. But, I was ready. I thrust my hand out to catch his foot and I was successful! BLAM, his left foot landed right in the palm of my hand.

only the time it took me to get my hand out, he had already kicked into the poop, retracted his foot, and kicked out again landing his disgustingly poopy foot right into my awaiting palm.


I figure, if Desi were part of a Shaolin monastary, he would be able to leave at 8.5 months. The teacher would hold a pebble in the palm of his hand and tell Desi to take it. "When you take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave."

Desi would quickly snatch the pebble, wipe in in his dirty diaper and have it back in the master's palm before anyone could say Kung Fu.

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Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the picture you have of Shaundar on the blog? She looks like she could kick "Young Grasshopper's" butt...

So I'd say any Kung Fuey types moves, he got from his mom. The sticking his foot in his poop - have you looked at the picture you have posted of yourself? Can you blame the child for being confused?

Don't worry Desi! Grandma's almost on her way!

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