Monday, July 13, 2009

Desi and Quincy

I realized that I haven't really taken any time to chat about Quincy, our Boston Terrorist.

I don't remember if I have ever talked about our concerns regarding Quincy, before Desi arrived.

In a nutshell, for those that don't know...Quincy does NOT like children. He had some rough experiences when he was a puppy with friends' kids. Then, when we moved, a bunch of brats that live behind us used to (and sometimes still do) torment him through the fence. He gets very anxious around children and even nipped our neighbor's 9 year old on the finger.

So...knowing we had a baby coming, we were very nervous about how Quincy would react. Quincy is my little buddy. It would have been very hard on me if we had to get rid of him...even if he is a jerk.

Then...Desi arrived. Quincy's first reactions were curious ones. "What the heck is this thing making all the noise?" Then, skeptical. "It's small, so it probably can't hurt me...still, it's often loud and annoying."

Now...these two are best friends. Seriously. They love each other. I'm not positive, but I think it happened the day Quincy discovered he really enjoys the taste of baby vomit. I know it's gross, but I am not kidding. Des doesn't spit up nearly as often, anymore. Still...any hint of a burp, and Quincy is scoping out Desi's face, looking for the used milk.

Maybe you don't believe me that these two are best friends. Let me give you what I consider to be the best proof.

Not long ago, Quincy was macking on one of his rawhide chewies. Desi is mobile, now. He started making a bee-line over to the dog and his chewy. I immediately got ready to pounce on Quincy. I mean, after all, you don't mess with a dog and his chewy. Especially, if you are a small thing with limited control of your movements and only one tooth.

What I saw was amazing. Not only did Quincy not react, he willingly relinquished his chewy to the baby. Desi grabbed it with both hands and immediately put it in his mouth. I took me a second to be grossed out by this as I was so proud of the dog. But, I quickly snatched it away with a "Yucky, Desi" and threw it down the stairs.

But, wait...there is more.

Quincy bolted down the stairs to get his chew toy. I figured he would find somewhere else to work on it. Nope...walks back up the stairs, over to the baby and drops the chewy in front of Desmond.

Quincy gave Desmond his disgusting, slobbery, slimy rawhide.

Needless to say, I am very proud of that little dog. He's still a jerk to strangers, and kids...but, he's been better than we could have ever expected around little Desmond.

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Anonymous said...

I DO remember how worried you were about that and told you just about a year ago things would be fine. Funny thing about dogs...they do realize "THEIR" family is different from those annoying beings behind the back yard. Now watch for some SERIOUS finger-nipping if any of those beings ever decide to antagonize little Desi while Q is around. He will be very protective of him.

We surely missed you on Saturday, but please know you were there in our hearts. It was a wonderful weekend for everyone...especially your grandma B. Love ya bunches!

Aunt Jennie

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