Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When I'm a dad, I promise not to...

Take my kid to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Okay, okay...I know I am a dad, now. But, the label was already created.

So, how about this: Now that I am a dad, I promise not to take my kid to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

I am currently in New Orleans for work. I arrived on Saturday night, had a good time as a tourist on Sunday, and started work on Monday. I hit up Bourbon Street on Sunday, but not very hard. Really, I just wanted to see it. Tonight, we took it in more. I went with 3 coworkers.

If you've never been to New Orleans, let me tell you a little bit about Bourbon Street. (Warning...if you are my grandfather, you may want to stop reading here).

Bourbon Street has three kinds of stores. Tourist shops selling crap, bars, and strip clubs. That's it. At night, the street is not accessable for vehicles. People walk up and down the street and you are allowed to carry alchohol around with you outside. In fact, people are selling alchohol outside. It's really no holds barred. There is even a club, I'm not positive as I didn't go in, but given the pictures outside I am pretty sure, that you go in to watch people have sex. I don't know about other guys...but I am not THAT lonely.

Anyway...this post isn't about the debotchery of New Orleans. I am an adult. I can handle it. What baffles me is the amount of children I saw, tonight.

It's almost 12:30 AM. I just got back to my room. We were walking Bourbon Street between 10 and midnight. These kids were about 9 and 13, maybe. So...#1, here we have kids out at midnight. #2, here we have kids walking by a club that has visible pictures of people having sex outside. And...booze EVERYWHERE.

What kind of parents do that? I asked Michelle, the coworker I was out with who also has kids, if she would bring her kids here. She said, "Um...I'm a good mother."

Seriously...I'm baffled. Who does that. Those parents get a Fail, in my book.

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