Thursday, January 2, 2020

What kind of year will 2020 be?

I am curious about this year.  I try to begin each year with a sense of optimism.  It's a new chapter!  We are free to write whatever we want into it.

This year feels different.  I'm not saying I am not optimistic.  Maybe cautious is the better word.  Certainly curious.

I think back to 2016 when Trump was elected (yes...this will probably get a bit political).  Prior to that, we all thought things were bad.  Remember how much everyone hated George W. Bush???  "WORST PRESIDENT EVER" shouted liberal ignoramuses.

Then Barack Obama shows up.  I didn't vote for him either time.  But, you know what...he was fine.  Obviously, I don't share the same political belief system.  But, I think I share many other things.  We're both dads, we love our families, we want to do what's right for others.

And, while he was there...all the schmucks on the right, the folks that got tired of hearing about how stupid they were for supporting President Bush, the fought back.  And, their volleys were weak.  He wants to take away your guns (he didn't)!  He supports infanticide (he doesn't)!  He's a Socialist (he's not)!  Different words, said in the same tone as those that proceeded them.

And then...Trump v Clinton.  Idiot vs Idiot.  On one hand, you had a woman anointed to be President.  Why?  I will never understand.  Apparently, she was the most qualified candidate ever to some people.  I'm not sure why.  Because she was Secretary of State?  A First Lady?  Those are better than a Governor or Vice President or Reality TV star?

Speaking of Reality TV in the same of Judas H. Priest did Trump get the Republican nomination????  This is where I struggle the most.  I understand why he beat Hillary (I really do...many folks disagree with me, but it's not because of any of the reasons the far left likes to claim).  How did politically active Republicans rally behind this stupid, ignorant, bully???

He speaks his mind!  What does that even mean?  He lobs insults.  Is that what speaking your mind means?

He's a successful businessman!  No he's not...he's filed for bankruptcy multiple times.  He has more failed businesses than successful businesses.

He's not Hillary!  Ahh...see, there we have something.

Anyway, I digress.

Things have done nothing but get worse since 2016.  Democrats have had the opportunity to convince people like me, people who lean right, but HATE the fact that Trump is President, that they can do better.  Instead...what have I heard?

Voting rights for felons! (Bernie)
Tax payer funded sex changes for prisoners (Elizabeth)
Abortion rights for Transgender women...who can't even get pregnant! (Andrew Yang)

Not to mention the MOBS.  MOBS and MOBS of social justice warriors.  People who think that, if you don't agree with them, you have no right to be heard!  People who look for safe spaces...a place where they are protected from hearing views they don't agree with.

Seattle reelects it's entire FAR left city council basically ensuring that nothing will chance in our problem riddled city.

JK Rowling, darling of many for social issues, gets hate bombed after standing up for a woman who voiced her opinion.

One day, at work, I was in a 1:1 meeting with a co-worker.  She wore a pin that said, "I Stand With Planned Parenthood."  At work.  Nobody commented.  I didn't comment.  Imagine if I had worn a pin that said, "Defund Planned Parenthood."  I wonder if I would have received different reactions.

Anyway...I'm ranting.  I'm not really looking forward to 2020...not from a world perspective at least.  Friendships will end over this upcoming election.  Here's where I stand, in case you wonder:

I will NOT vote for Trump.  I am a NEVER TRUMPER!  I always will be.  He will never receive my vote, ever.

But, that does not mean I will vote Democrat.  And, anyone that tells me that this is simply a vote from Trump, you can suck an egg.  I should not be required to vote against my political conscience just because you say so.  I did that in 2016 when I held my nose and voted for Hillary.  It didn't work.  I won't do it again.  If you want me to vote Democrat, give me a candidate I can vote for.

I will NOT vote for Bernie or Elizabeth.  They are Socialists...Bernie even admits it.
I might vote for Amy Kobuchar or Tulsi Gabbard.  I actually really liked Tulsi for a bit.  But, now there is just something off about her for me.  She's up to something.  Kobuchar, I admittedly don't know much about.  But, I liked her last debate performance.

I will vote for Mayor Pete.  We have a lot of differences.  But, to me, he's similar to Obama.  I think he's a good man that will strive to do the right thing.  We're gonna disagree a lot.  But, at least he'll bring some honor back to the Oval Office.

I will for for Biden.  The Devil you Know.  We know what we'll get with Biden.  And, given his age and the crap he and his family are going through, maybe he'll bow out after 1 term. is my prediction.

Trump wins against Bernie and Warren.
Trump wins against Mayor Pete because the country isn't ready for a gay President
Tulsi won't win the nomination, but I predict she would beat Trump.  Democrats don't have another choice.  And the middle and many Republicans cast a vote against Trump (maybe this is actually what she's up to).

Biden beats Trump.  Because we know what we're getting.  We also know what we're getting with Trump.  But, that's a mess.  We need to fix it.  Biden can at least be a band-aid.

That's all I got.  Just wanted to rant a second.  God help us in 2020.

(PS...personally, I have a great 2020 lined up, in case you wondered!)

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