Monday, February 13, 2017

Getting old sucks

In my reflections on 2016, you may have noticed that I said I am getting older, faster.  Let me shed just a little light on what the heck I meant by that.

My body does not like me so much, anymore.  I totally jacked up my back this week moving a changing table.  Granted, it was a large changing table.  But, it wasn't particularly heavy.  Still, somehow, while loading it into the hatchback, I threw something out.  Like legit threw it out.  Not a "ugh, my back hurts" kinda threw it out.  A "OMG!  I CAN'T MOVE!  I can't sit down!!!  I'm going to die!!!" kinda threw it out.

To emphasize how much pain I was in, I actually went to see a chiropractor.

Image result for Chiropractor Meme

I believe it was Ross Gellar who once said that Chiropractors go to the Community College of medical school.  I've just never understood why I need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to jump on my back.

Anyway, went to the chiropractor.  He jumped on my back.  Slowly, it got better.  Didn't fully go away, but it got better (was that my 3 chiropractor appointments or the heat/cold rotation and pity party my wife threw me?).

Then came Quincy's vet appointment.  Yes...a trip to the vet jacked me up again.  Quincy has eye problems.  This appointment involved a lot of prodding in his eyes, so I had to hold on to him.  The weird angle I was holding him at, bending just a little, not a lot, threw everything back into disarray.  I'm a total mess.

So, please send me your pity!  I need lots of sympathy!  It's been about 3 weeks now that I've been hurting.  Maybe a trip to Hawaii would help.

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