Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#NeverTrump - Jason tells all you Republicans why you shouldn't be voting for Trump.

I really should start posting more about my kid and junk.  But, I simply can't downplay how annoyed I am at this Trump thing.  Just how completely dumbfounded I am that he has gotten this far.  And, even worse...PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM!
I remain baffled.  Absolutely baffled.  I have been a lifelong Republican.  And, here I sit.  Wondering how the heck the party I have belonged to for thirty *mumble mumble* years has become what it is today.

I mean...it's true there have been signs.  Starting with the uprising of the tea party, the elections of the likes of people such as Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman and the continuous venom against anything remotely resembling an LGBT issue.  But...through it all, I would always remember: Republicanism is about less government, lower taxes, a strong defense, states rights and individual freedoms.

Well, that no longer remains true.  At least, not for anyone who isn't white and straight.

I am here, right now, to tell all my Republican friends why you should NOT vote for Trump.  I will try to tackle as many of the reasons I hear that people are voting for Trump.  But, ultimately, no matter what your pet issue, voting for Trump is worse than the alternative.

1)  The Supreme Court - I have heard this one a few times, including from a member of my family.  Yes, it's true that there will be multiple Supreme Court vacancies to fill, including the one that remains empty after Justice Scalia's death.  People don't want Hillary filling the seat because it will shift the ideology of the court from Conservative to Liberal.
      - Maybe.  It's true that Hillary will most likely replace retiring Justices with new ones who will lean left.  But, I have three responses.  First...there is nothing to say that Trump won't do the same thing.  Remember...the guy was a Democrat before he was a Republican.  He wasn't a Republican until he started talking about running for President.  Second, what issues are you worried about right now?  Are you worried abortion will become legal?  News flash...it already is.  Are you worried they will outlaw the 2nd amendment?  They can't!  The 2nd Amendment can only be eliminated by amending the Constitution which requires 2/3 of the states to approve.  Finally...even if he goes conservative, it will be Trump conservative.  Trump has already talked about how he plans to "go after" the Washington Post because they've been so mean to him.  Do you really want justices picked by someone who doesn't like what the press has to say if it is against him.  Nations without free press look like Russia, China and North Korea.
      If you vote for Trump, you are gambling on getting something worse that a liberal leaning court.  You may end up with a Fascist court.

2)  Hillary is a liar and can't be trusted.
      -You know...I agree with this one.  BUT...so is Trump!!!!  Granted, Hillary can lie a bit more eloquently.  But, with Trump, it's goes more like this.

Reporter: "Mr. Trump, do you like bananas?"

Trump:  "No, I can't stand bananas."

Different Reporter:  "Mr. Trump, do you like bananas?"

Trump: "Yes, I love bananas.  I have the best bananas.  I know more about bananas than the monkeys."

Reporter: "But, last week, you said you hated bananas."

Trump:  "Excuse me.  Excuse me.  No I didn't.  I never said that."

Trump on Twitter:  "Dishonest reporter making up stories again.  No wonder nobody watches his channel."

If you vote for Trump, you are voting for a proven liar.

3)  The Gold Star Family Incident
     -  This is the one that has me most irked at some of my right leaning brethren.  There is ZERO excuse for this behavior.  Much like his insult of John McCain ("I like people who weren't captured.") this should have outraged anyone who pretends to support our troops.  If this didn't piss you off, I hereby revoke your right to say you "Support our Troops."  Because supporting our troops does not simply mean the white ones who agree with you all the time.  Support our Troops means gratitude and support for all of those who put on the uniform and served honorably.  And, it ESPECIALLY means supporting the families they left behind.
      If a gold star parent wants to insult you, you say, "I obviously disagree, but I am very grateful for their sacrifices for our country" and you walk away.
     Go ahead...defend this behavior.  I have yet to hear anyone do it successfully.
     If you vote for Trump, you're not in support of our Troops.

4)  He speaks his mind/He's not politically correct.
      -  Ok, let's talk about political correctness for a second.  Being politically correct means saying Asian American instead of Oriental.  Or preventing someone from saying, "You really killed it today!" because it implies violence.
     Saying "Blood coming out of her wherever" or "I always wanted a Purple Heart" isn't simply not being politically correct...it's being a douche bag!  I heard someone once say, and I have been using this analogy, if you wouldn't want your kid to hear it or say it, why is it okay for a presidential candidate to say it?
      If you vote for Trump, you are choosing Douche Bag over Political Correctness.

5)  He is an unabashed Islamaphobe.
      - This is another area where I am surprised at just how open people are about accepting his blatent racism and prejudice.  When someone comes out and says that they will refuse anyone admittance to the country if they practice a particular (non Judeo/Christian) religion, the outcry should be instantaneous!  Absolutely not!  We are a country of Immigrants.  A country of religious freedom!  This is a direct violation of our Constitution and the very being of who we are.  It's like if we had a Pope that said, "Eh...Communion really isn't all that."
      If you vote for Trump, you are saying Freedom of Religion is not important.

6)  Oh...and a racist!!!
      - I'm sure I don't have to remind you about all the things he has said about Mexicans.  I know there are many who are passionate about immigration policy.  But, seriously...his plan is impossible.  Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it?  Uh huh.  Cuz, Mexico is just gonna say, "Sure, bruh!  We got this!"
      And, his comments about rapists and murderers, not to mention his insults of the Hispanic judge working the Trump University case.  Seriously????  This isn't lack of political correctness.  This is lack of self restraint.  If these are the comments he makes in public, imagine the ones he makes in private.
      If you vote for Trump, you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what your racist tendencies are.

I could keep going, but I will stop there, for now.  Feel free to comment if you have others and I will address those, too.

But, before I wrap, some of you may be saying, "How can you call us Racist or Islamaphobes?  We just want a Republican in office."

Well, you see...I can see Zero reason to vote for Trump given what he has displayed.  We are picking the most POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD.  A person who will be able to launch a nuke in minutes.  A person who's feelings are hurt when you mention how small his hands are.  A person who uses insults instead of answers.

You know how the runners are disqualified from the Olympics for stepping over a lane line?  Well, Trump has disqualified himself from being President by his many oversteps.  We are a better country than this!  I don't like Hillary either.  I don't want Hillary to be president either.  And, I won't use this post to defend her because I honestly, with all my heart, don't think she should be president.  But, this year, we are truly picking the lesser of two evils.  Because, while I don't like Hillary's policies, I think she lies, I think she's corrupt and I am genuinely nervous about where we will be 4 years from now...Trump scares me more.  Trump has the potential to truly be evil.  He's already praised Putin and even Kim Jong Un.

With Hillary, we could get liberal justices.  With Trump, we could lose our soul.

Please don't vote for Trump.  Because, as much as I have always respected people with different political beliefs than myself (one has to when one leans right in a city like Seattle), I just can't do it in this case.  Because I see no reason to vote for Trump without admitting that you are voting for a racist, narcissistic, bigoted blowhard.  And, I just can't respect that.


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