Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Only 9 Days of Kindergarten left!

OMG!  It's hard to believe.  I almost have a first grader.  It feels like only a couple days ago that I was uploading this post. 

We just got Desmond's class picture. 

Sorry for the poor cropping.  I just took a photo of a photo.  Haven't actually scanned it, yet. 

But, this picture helped to validate something for me:  school uniforms are awesome!  I mean, look how adorbs this kids are!  And, not once did I ever hear about how so-and-so has this awesome shirt or these amazing shoes!  It's perfect! 

Ms. Zbaracki and Mrs. Morley have been great!  Desmond has been a handful, I am sure.  And, I know Ms. Z can sometimes be strict.  But, I think that it's been a good combo.  She has really helped to prepare him for what to expect in 1st grade and beyond.  And, I am grateful! 

9 days left.  Judas Priest!  Soon he'll be driving.

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