Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mom of the Year!

In case you missed it, there is rioting in Baltimore.  Yet another young black man has died at the hands of police. 

Regardless of how you feel about the incident, I would suspect that most people would agree that rioting and looting is a horrible way to address the situation.  The owners of the stores you are demolishing didn't do anything.  The citizens didn't do anything.

Did you see the video of the jerk poking a hole in a fire hose while firefighters were trying to save a burning building?  I have high hopes for that kid's future.

Anyway...maybe you've seen this video already, maybe you haven't.  When these riots happen, I often wonder where the adults are.  Most of the people you see in videos appear to be younger.  15-19 or so.  Maybe early 20s.

Well...it's hard to tell how old this particular kid is because he's hiding his face in a ski mask.  That didn't stop his mom from finding him!!!

Check it out!

I don't think he'll be rioting again anytime soon!!

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