Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Fat

Here the thing that sucks about falling in love.

You get way too comfortable with the person. 

See...when Kim and I started dating, I was in fairly good shape.  I was training to run a half marathon.  I was eating healthy(ish).  And, I was sitting at a weight I was very comfortable with. 

This probably lasted until I popped the question.  Maybe not even that long.

You see, once it became clear that I was head over heels for this girl and that she felt at least partially the same, I was like, Cool!!!  Time to eat again!!!

But, it gets worse!  You see...Kim also likes to eat.  So, before, when I am like, "Hey...I want chicken wings!" I would have an inner voice that would say, "NOOOOOO!!!!! Don't eat chicken wings!  Stay healthy!!!!  Chicks don't dig fat dudes!!!"

But now...I have this fiancé who likes to eat the same shit I do.

"Hey, honey...I want chicken wings!"

"That sounds delicious, sweetheart!  Let's go get some!"


20 pounds of chicken wings later, we snuggle up on the couch to watch the Walking Dead before going to sleep. 

Sounds amazing, right??  That's because IT IS AMAZING!!!

And, I am totally happy! 

But, I am also much chubbier than I want to be.  I noticed this during the Michigan trip.  I was trying to get pics of the 4 generations of Pankow men and all I saw were 3 adorable Pankows and one Fat Pankow.  Ugh.  Then, I imagine what Fat Pankow will look like in Maui wedding photos. 

So...I just dropped the change to go back on the Isagenix diet.  It was during my blogging break that I last did this diet.  It's basically 30 days of eating tolerable shakes for breakfast and lunch followed by a sensible dinner.  Kinda like Slim Fast, but more expensive.  Then, about 2 days a week, you fast.  Which is another way of saying you starve yourself.  But, I was kinda sorta able to do it about 2 years ago.  I think I can do it again now that I am sick of seeing Fat Pankow in pictures.

Hot Pankow needs to make an appearance for hot, sexy Maui wedding photos!!!

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