Monday, January 3, 2011

Now that I am a dad, I promise not to...

Take my toddler swimming in 29 degree weather.

Every year, a group of people get together for the "Polar Bear Plunge" a dip into Lake Washingotn to celebrate the New Year.

I was flipping through the pictures on, mostly because there were some babes in bikinis, and I came across this pic.

According to the PI, the water was 46 degrees and the air outside was 29. 

You can see the picture and the comments people left about it here.

Let's assume that this mom isn't a total knucklehead and didn't take her kid swimming.  Maybe she just brought her out into the water to celebrate Mom's recent swim.'s 29 degrees outside and this kid is in a bathing suit. 

Really really lame. 

PS: Christmas pics coming soon.

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