Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not quite ready for "Got your nose."

No, he didn't run off screaming or anything.

Yesterday, I decided to play with Desi one of my favorite games that my Grandpa Pankow used to play with me.  I decided to take his nose. 

At first, he looked at me a bit confused.  Then, I showed him his nose in my hand.  That's when he started to understand.

"My nose," he said, as he tried to take it back.

Here, I decided to up the anti.  I put his nose on my face.

"It's my nose, now," I told him.

"That's MY nose," he repeated. 

"Well," I said, "you have to take it back."

So...he did.  He reached out and grabbed my (his) nose.  And by grabbed I mean he literally tried to remove his nose from my face.  His thumb went up my nose as his nails dug into my nasal passages.  It was not pleasant.  If he had a crowbar, he probably would have used it.

I quickly surrendered his nose back to him and it put it firmly back upon his face.  I think I'll let him keep it for a while.


Desi's Grandma P said...

Sorry daddy...Grandma played "I've got your nose" with him when I was there...Other than looking at me like I was a loon, never tried to dismember me.

Joey said...

Andy likes to take Maisie's nose, inflate it like a balloon and play catch with it until Maisie pops it and puts it back on her face. Or he replaces it with his ear or something. Or just rearranges all of her features. I think it explains a lot about both of them. :)

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