Walking the dog

No...this wasn't staged. 


Desi's Grandma P said…
I have watched this 10 times already and still laugh to tears. Actually I can't believe how good Quincy was walking with Desi. When I first saw the "Walking the Dog" title I imagined seeing Desi being dragged through the yard while clutching the leash - Quincy did very well!
Anonymous said…
Did Desi lift his leg after Quincy?! Awesome.

I remember walking our dog when I was a kid, he saw a squirrel and took off. I, of course, was too stupid to let go of the leash. I think he drug me about 20ft. Felt like 100.
Desi's Grandma P said…
I think it's hysterical that he not only lifted his leg, but then bent down to smell the bush and "scratch" at it afterwards....

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