Words and Food

Desi has a ton of words, now.  However, he doesn't really know how to end most of them.

For example: Milk is Muh.  Kitty is Key.  I love you is I Loo, or something.

However, the other day, he amazed us by completing one of his words.  The conversation went something like this:

Daddy: "Finish your dinner, Desi."

Desi: "Ah-Da" (translation: All Done).

Daddy: "Have another bite"

Desi: "Coo-Coo" (translation: Cookie)

Daddy: "Uh-uh...have another bite"

Desi, louder this time: "Coo-Coo!"

Daddy: "One more bite and they I will contemplate maybe giving you a cookie."

Desi, angry, now: "COOKIE!"

Daddy and Mommy - *silence*

Desi: "COOKIE!!!!!!!  COOKIE!!!!!! *cry, cry cry* COOKIE!!!!"

So, anyway.  That's that story.   


Desi's Grandma P said…
So did he get the cookie?
JasonP said…
No...he wouldn't take another bite and then had a meltdown. No cookie.
Desi"s Grandma P said…
Good mommy and daddy.
Aunt Jennie said…
Jarrod said…
It doesn't get any better when they older...their tantrums just get more eloquent.

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