Monday, May 31, 2010

Darn that Daycare...again

I've mentioned before that Desi has a lot of words.  Some are clear, some are not.  We're still learning some of his words as he learns some of ours.

We discovered a new word of his, the other day.  It's a word we haven't taught him.

He was being whiney (what's new?) and Shaundar was holding him.  He started saying something over and over, again.  It sounded like "Tootoo row" or something.  Shaundar, being the ever insightful person that she is, stops and asks me, "Do you know what he's saying?" 

I have no clue. 

She motions to the kitchen counter.  On the counter lies a Tootsie Roll.  It's left over from Easter.  Desi was saying Tootsie Roll.

Now...I can say with almost absolute certainty that Desmond has never had a Tootsie Roll in this house.  I've never given him one and I am sure, as she is 100x more anal than me, that Shaundar hasn't either. 

That leaves daycare.  Of course, it could be Aunt Kelley or one of the PEPS parents that have babysat him over time.  But, I have a feeling that picking up "Tootsie Roll" would have to involve more repetition that a night or 2 of babysitting. 


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