Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening Day

Better late than never.

Modeling his Mariners gear.

On the way to the ballpark.

With our friend Duncan's mom...Mrs. Andie.

With Mr. Kevin and Duncan.

Death Cab for Cutie...for my parents and my grandpa: that's a band. They're famous and from Seattle.  Apparently, the lead singer is a big M's fan.

He did much better this year. No crying during fireworks.

Watching the player intoductions.

Sitting in Mommy's seat since she was late.

With the Moose.

Dancing to Death Cab for Cutie

1 comment:

Desi's Grandma P said...

And he NEVER dropped BUBBA! I am so proud!

And notice he's saying "We're #1" in the first picture. He obviously was not referring to Grandma's Dbacks...

For anyone that needs to hear this...Parenting is FREAKING hard!

Ok, it's time to get real, folks.   Do you have that friend or that family member that clearly lives the perfect life on Facebook and In...