Sunday, January 24, 2010

I feel bad for our garbagemen

Shaundar and I are pretty good recyclers. We probably recycle 90% of our trash. Also, we have a separate container to dispose of food waste. Paper, cans, bottles and even leftovers and spoiled foods all go into recycling or food/yard waste.

So what does that leave for the garbage can, you may ask.

The answer: Poop.

Yup...Poop. Dog poop, cat poop and baby poop.

I pick the dog poop up in the yard and throw it right into the garbage can over the fence. I pick up the kitty litter, dump it into a bag which goes into the garbage can. And, of course, the poopy diapers all go in.

Therefore...other than some dirt and the occasional ziplock bag, or something...this is what welcomes the garbage man when they open my garbage can. The wonderful fresh smell of poop.

The other day, when I was throwing a bag of garbage in, I left the can open for a few seconds too long. UGH. Never again. I almost want to request a new can. Either that, or throw away some Arm & Hammer.

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