Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is it with babies and pulling crap off tables?

I know this isn't a habit exclusive to Desi. Everyone I know with kids has talked about how their kids pull crap off tables, out of drawers, out of cabinets, etc. Anything that is in one place and can be quickly transferred to the floor, BOOM. Kid makes the transfer with lightning speed.

You can even try to distract them with something that is allowed on the floor. "Hey, Desmond...check out this fluffy stuffed animal that can be on the carpet without worry of breaking or spilling or just generally annoying Daddy cuz it's on the floor."

"No thank you, Daddy...I would much rather grab this magazine, or this box with stuff in it, or this glass of water because they surely don't belong on this surface when there is a perfectly good floor they can be on."

Come to think of matter what it is you are trying to distract him with, he seems to have a super power of knowing exactly what it is that I don't want him to touch. If I am playing my Xbox, for example, I will always make sure he's got a non-powered controller to play with. Doesn't matter. He wants the one in Daddy's hand. I can give him a teething toy. Nope...he wants the dog's chewy.

I blame evolution. Back in caveman days, when babies were being chased by sabre tooth tigers or woolly mammoths, they probably started knocking over everything in an effort to escape. This would distract the animals while baby scooted to safety.

Yeah...that's it!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Desi~

Grandma just read daddy's latest blog and wants you to know that since you kept your end of the bargain by acting exactly like your daddy did when he was your age - she will fill up your piggy bank as promised when she gets to Seattle...great job!

Love, hugs and kisses!

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