Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mom's night out

A great part of PEPS is our monthly Mom's or Dad's night out. One month, Moms stay home with the kids while Dads go out and have fun. The next month, Dads stay home while Moms go out. Well...Dads, being as smart as we are, realized that we can all hang out while the moms are out and watch sports. Babies usually go to bed around 8:00 leaving us to drink beer and watch baseball.

Last month, during mom's night out, at about 9:00, after the babies were in bed, the dads were sitting in front of the TV finishing off a pizza and passing around another round of beers when Tom declares, "We need to have Mom's night out more often."

Last night was Mom's night. Desi and I went over to Kevin and Duncan's house. Here are some pics.

Desi and Duncan chillin':

I tried really hard to get a picture of both of them staring at the TV while the baseball game was on. But, I could never get it just right. get them looking at the camera while there are jackets or something on TV:

Comparing goods:

"Change it to football."
" is better."

Desi on the Rocket.

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