Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you see the glory of God radiating from Desi?

Desi was baptised last weekend!

The baptism went very well. Father Jack and Our Lady of Guadeloupe let us in without requiring me to take the class (I am signed up for the first week of May) so that my mom could be there. Biggest downside is that Ryan, Desi's Godfather, couldn't get off work. It was done on pretty short notice.
Other than that, it went well. I know Father Jack from Gonzaga. He filled in for OLG's priest (also a Father Jack), for the entire service. I thought his service was very good. Humorous, too. I always like when the sermon makes people laugh, a bit. Keeps everyone awake.
So...funny story. Desi only poops every three days or so. And, when he poops, it's big. As of the time of the baptism, he hadn't pooped in three days. Well...we made it through the ceremony, but not much after. Sure enough, we sat down to dinner and he blew out in his cute little white christening outfit. That's my boy.

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