Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Catching up

 So...according to my calculations, I haven't posted in almost 2 years.  Judas Priest, who let me have a blog. 

It's funny, I frequently get the bug to write. But, it's usually when I am in the car or in the shower or going to sleep or ordering a coffee from the bikini barista.  It's never when I am sitting at my computer with time to write.  And, if I am sitting at my computer and thinking about writing, I forget what it was I was thinking about in the car or in the shower or going to sleep or ordering a coffee from the bikini barista. 

Also, 99% of the time I am thinking about writing, I am mad about something.  I am mad a lot right now.  

Not at life.  Life is actually pretty good.  I am busy as shit.  Work keeps me busy and I have this side gig that has really picked up.  Not to mention kids that need to not die.  

No, it's people that make me angry.  When I see that the US has had more Covid deaths than any other country.  When I see how hard it is to hire people because we require them to be vaccinated and so many of them simply refuse to do so.  And, when I hear people that I at one time thought were intelligent human beings complaining about their rights and junk as people around them continue to get sick. 

Yeah...I'm just mad.  Because how can you politely tell someone that they are being dumb. 

My favorite is the religious exemption.  Because there is really no way to PROVE that you don't truly believe that you can't receive this vaccine.  I mean, you are probably vaccinated against TB and the measles.  But this one is just too much!  

I got a fucking small pox vaccine when I was in the Navy.  But, numerous former military people are talking about how this one is just too dangerous because some talking head or some blogger posing as a journalist told them so. 

That's really all I have right now.  There are so many good things happening, I should post about them!  Maybe I will.  But, not right now.  Right now, I have to get back to work. 


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