Friday, January 27, 2017

There's still a baby in there

Popped in for the something week ultrasound last week!  The tech confirmed that there is indeed a baby still in there!

This trip was a redo.  Owen doesn't love to pose for the camera.  So, they weren't able to get all the shots they wanted to at the last one.  Particularly the kidneys.  Last trip, there was no view of the kidneys.  Of course, to parents that means he has no kidneys and something is wrong.

But, it was just because he wouldn't get into the right position.  This last appointment, we confirmed there are kidneys.

Here are some photos for you to admire.

We brought Desmond along with us on this trip.  The tech printed out for him his very own photo.  He took it to school with him and, according to the principal, was showing everyone!  He was apparently very proud. :-)  He'll be a great big bro, me thinks.  

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