Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where did this brat come from????

My kid is a huge negative nelly, recently.  Like, HUGE!  He complains about everything. 

Ever since summer started, he's seemed to get more and more bratty.  We had a great trip to Hawaii.  At one point, he was so super sweet, he was even talking about how much he loved the beauty of the islands.  What 6 year old talks about the beauty of the islands? 

Then, we get back and he gets to spend a week with Grandma.  No parents to say No to McDonalds or a new lego set.  Just Grandma doing what she does best...giving him every thing he wants.

Followed by another vacation!  10 days with mom touring beautiful nature spots like Yellowstone, Crater Lake and the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.  Actually, I think that one was closed when they got there.

Hiking, swimming, smiling!  He came back with a  ton of stories.

Then, he gets back home and BOOM!  Capitan Crabby Pants.

This weekend, he wanted to make "Smoothie Ice Cream Cones," a snack he learned from school.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances of the day, our day didn't end until 9 PM.  I offered to make them with him in the morning.  He proceeds to stomp to his room, slam the door and barricade it with every item from both his bed and hamper.  Refuses to come out. 

Then, today, even worse.  We had a landscaper come and clean up our yard (long story here as yard maintenance is supposed to be covered by the rent, but the dude hasn't shown up in forever).  Desmond has a place in the yard he calls his "special place."  It was full of weeds.  They cleared out the weeds!  Desmond is super pissed, now.  Complaining about how they "Killed Planty!" and ruined his special place. And, I'm not talking about simple complaints.  I am talking about stomping, scowling, snotty tone, folded arms, ignoring, everything that I hate rolled into one not-quite-tantrum.

He's getting on everyone's nerves!  What the heck is going on here???

Anyone want a kid?


Anonymous said...

Me thinks you exaggerated at least a bit on this post...Desmond went to McDonald's ONCE while I was there...you make it sound like we did three meals a day the whole week....and give him some credit: He chose to gave apples and white milk as the sides...Also, did you ever think he might be cranky because he has not only jet lag, but car lag too? He's 6...can we take a vote on how many 6 yr olds are bratty at times? Heads up....not much will change in the next 6 yrs...and then he'll be a teenager and redefine the word brat...is my grandson independent, vocal and a tad spoiled? Absolutely, and I wouldn't have it any other way because his sweetness, big heart and cuddles more than make up for a few days

JasonP said...

I think it's hilarious that Grandma posts anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Grandma has to post that way because it's the only option it
allows me to use.

I can't NOT chime in on this Supreme Court thing

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