Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dress codes

There have been a lot of articles in my Facebook feed recently about children being sent home from school or from prom for dress code violations.  One even involved sending a 6 year old girl home for wearing spaghetti straps to school on a warm day.

Well, I have a few opinions on this.
  1. School uniforms are AWESOME!  This is one of the reasons I love the school my son attends.  He has to wear a uniform.  He often complains about it.  But, so what.  I enjoy not having to spend hundreds of dollars on the new fashion trends.
  2. Some dress code rules are obvious: no clothing depicting drugs or alcohol, no bad words, nothing offensive (IE: racist, homophobic, insulting, etc), you get the picture.
  3. No white after labor day.
But, what seems to be happening a lot lately is annoying. 

First of all, it is only happening to girls.  I have yet to see an article about a boy being sent home (unless they're wearing a pic with a confederate flag or something...see point #2). 

Next, it seems to be happening around things that are very subjective.  The idea is that a student shouldn't wear anything provocative.  And, by student, I mean the girls. 

But, what's provocative?  Are spaghetti straps on a 6 year old provocative?  Maybe they are to someone.  If so, I suggest that someone consider counseling. 

What about this girls dress?

She was sent home for revealing too much midriff.

I don't get it.  I try not to get on a soap box on my blog...wait a second...that's not true.  This blog IS my soapbox!

What the hell, people!  What the hell, Principals!  What is wrong with you?  I am not going to dispute that we have a hyper sexualized society, nowadays.  Kids are having sex at 14.  Monogamy is out.  Sex is plastered all over TV and movies. 

But, a pretty prom dress that shows a little back isn't going to get her knocked up. 

A 6 year old in a rainbow sundress is not going to have classmates drooling. 

Short shorts are short, but not as short as John Stockton's! 
And I don't see anyone salivating over him!  Except maybe Mrs. Stockton. 
Anyway...this is yet another thing that should be in the hands of the parents.  Dear parents...please make sure your kids aren't going out looking like hoochies.  Dear Principals...lighten up!

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