Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maholo, Maui!

Ok...so, I thought I posted this already.  I wrote it up, like, 2 months ago.  Not sure why I didn't hit publish.  Anyway...here it is.


Last week, I returned from an amazing trip to Maui!  Last year, when I got my Microsoft bonus, I decided I wanted a nice big, long, real vacation.  Disney to start 2013 was a vacation.  But, I spent a significant amount of time during that vacation running.  I wanted a vacation where I did nothing but relax and have fun.  So...bring on Maui. 

Now...I haven't told my 9 blog readers much about Kim.  Realistically, most of you already know me, therefore you know about her already.  For anyone stumbling across this blog, you'll find pics in here of Kim.  She's gonna marry me next year.  But, I'll talk about her some other time.  Right now...here are some Hawaii pics for the grandparents who don't use Facebook. 

Some activities on the trip: swimming (obviously), mini-golfing, scuba diving (for me), the Old Lahaina Luau, and the shark tank...yes...I swam with sharks!  And, it was AMAZING!

Check it out.

Lady killers. 
That would be a shark about 1 foot away from me.

Don't touch the spikey things. 

I believe this is called a Horney Fish. 


More sharks!  And, a huge ass manta ray!

Sup, dude? 

I don't remember what kind of fish this is on the left...but, imagine how much sushi you could get from him. 

What's a dive without a scuba selfie?

Dad in Lahaina. 

Des was lovin' the ocean!

Waiting for the sunrise at the Haleakala summit. 

And, there it is! Amazing!

With Dad at the Summit sunrise. Don't mind the fact that we had to get up at 2 AM. 

From the bike ride down the summit. 

Same. Overlooking Maui. 

Showing Grandma how to play Nintendo DS. 

Paying more attention to my new camera than the spotted Eagle Ray in front of me.  

Des was a little scared before I got in the shark tank. 10 mins in, he was bragging to the rest of the spectators that it was his dad in there!

On the flip side, Kim wondered what she was getting into by accepting the proposal of a dude who pops the question one day and jumps in a tank with man eating creatures the next. 
Tiger shark.  The highlight of the shark dive.

With Grandma and Grandpa. 

Me, Des and Kimmy.

At the Old Lahaina Luau (which was good, but very overpriced).

Des conned Grandma into buying him a wooden turtle. 

My mom and Kim with my dad. 
Sunset in Lahaina

My old man at the top of the climbing wall
And again.  Can you believe this guy is 60 something?

Playing in the pool with the grandfolks. 

The only good pic I got from the very brief trip down the Road to Hana. 

Sunset on our last day. 

From inside the shark tank. 

Desi's first snorkeling! Next time, we'll go somewhere other than just off the beach. He was great!


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Richard C. Lambert said...

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