Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why dating a single dad is smart.

I came across this article on the Huffington Post today.

You know...I had a ton of fears about dating after my marriage failed.  After all...I had never really dated before.  Like...ever.  Women are scary, man. 

And, I have a kid to throw into the mix!  While my kid is super awesome and anyone who disagrees is clearly dumb, I understand that children are baggage that some people don't want to have to help carry. 

But, now that I have picked myself up and started to put myself out there a little bit, I came to realize a couple things, and this article helps prove it.  Single dads are awesome!  Well, unless they're jerks.  I'm not talking about dead beat single dads, mind you.  I am talking about involved single dads.  The ones that are ready to show you pictures and also ready to say no to a date because they are spending time that day with Jr.

So ladies...allow me to share with you some of my insights as to why you should date a single dad:

  1. We know what it's like to put other people first.  It's kind of necessary when you're trying to stop a tantrum in the middle of the toy aisle.  
  2. We've been barfed on and pooped on so there isn't a mess in the world that will gross us out.
  3. We are obviously fertile and, with our offspring, you get a preview of how good our genes are.
  4. We know how to keep things clean!'s a total lie.  Sorry.
  5. We're always ready to tell you a new joke we learned from our kid!  Like this one: Knock, knock! *who's there?* Toot... *toot who?* I TOOTED!!!  HAHAHAHAHA
  6. We're great cuddlers from all the practice we've gotten with our little people.
  7. We can cook!  I'm not saying we can cook well, mind you.  But, we can cook!
  8. We won't cheat on you because, frankly, where would we even find the time?
  9. Your whining won't phase us like it would someone without kids.  Wait...did I say whining?  I meant, we are open to listening to you talk about how hard your day was. 
  10. Family is important to us.  We will be just as picky, probably even more, than you are in finding the right person to be with.
So there you go.  The rest of the pond is full of schmucks.  People are just after you for your money.

But, in the single dad pond, you find someone who isn't afraid of commitment, someone who has a proven history of stepping up, and someone who can clean up the plate of anyone who is full.

So...consider a single dad.  Cuz, we're awesome (excluding all dead beat dads, cheating dads, and Alec Baldwin)!

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