Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poker night

I don't play much poker.  In fact, the only poker I do play is via my Xbox.  But, the other night, I hosted a poker night at my place.  I invited some neighbors and the guys from my PEPS group.  I bought a keg of beer and some food.  In order to eat drink and play, everyone paid up $50.

This wasn't a "Winner take all" kinda poker match, though.  Normally, the winner walks off with the bulk of the money with a little bit of cash going to 2nd and 3rd place.  That's not how it works in my house, though.

Every penny given to me was donated to Save the Children, one of the agencies helping with disaster relief in Japan.  I have been reading and listening to numerous stories of so many children who were left orphaned after the earthquake and tsunami.  The stories break my heart and I want to pull and Angelina and adopt every one of them.  However, that's just not practical.  Instead, I decided to play poker. 

We raised $350.  Since the money was given to me, as a buy in, I am able to have the funds matched through my employer.  So, because of a Friday night poker game, Save the Children got $700.  It's not a lot in the grand scheme of things.  But, it's something.

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Jason's Mom said...

I am incredibly proud of you!

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