Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Years ago...

After working from home for a week straight because the doctor had told us, "Anytime, now!" I finally decided to drive into work for a training only to have my phone ring around 10:00 AM telling me to come back. 

12 hours later, we met our little Starbuck for the first time.

Greatest day of my life, and I remember every second of it!

Happy Birthday, Desmond!


Desi's Grandma P said...

I remember the day well also! The two of you were SO great, working together as a team! I was blown away on how calm both of you were.

And then holding Desi for the first time...words wouldn't do the experience justice.

So HAPPY 2ND DAY AS GREAT PARENTS to both you and Shaundar!

The picture is one of the cutest ever!!!!!

Desi's Grandma P said...

Just reread what I wrote...Should have been Happy 2nd YEAR as great parents!

Old age...or the fact it seems like yesterday!

I can't NOT chime in on this Supreme Court thing

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