Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shut Up, Quincy!

Clearly...I need to watch what I say around Desmond.  We knew this could be a problem during pregnancy when we were discussing how to curb our Sailor mouths.  We've gotten pretty good about refraining from swearing around Des.  What we forget are other things.

For instance...Quincy is a very whiney dog.  He will frequently lose his ball under the couch.  Or, he will want food.  Or, he's just bored or lonely.  When this happens, he will give a pathetic little whine or whimper.  If we don't notice, he will begin to give increasing louder high-pitched barks.  For the 5 years that Quincy has lived with us, my reponse has been to yell, "Shut up, Quincy!"  It's automatic, at this point.  Much like belching after beer.

The other day, Quincy was yapping away.  I think it was one a lost ball.  Unprovoked by me, Desi pointed at the dog and said, "Yah Yah Da!" or somthing that was not very intelligible.  Although, the number of syllables and the cadence of the blabber, as well as the intonation, reminded me an awful lot of, "Shut up, Quincy!" 

Do you realize what this means?  It means I have to be aware of my tone and what I say at ALL times.  When I am driving and someone cuts me off.  When the Mariners are playing.  When the Mormons come to my door.  There is nothing that Desi can't pick up on.

Maybe I'll still keep my routine when the Mormons come to the door.

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