Thursday, August 28, 2008

Breast class

So...we're going to a class about breasts, today. I plan to bring my camera. As a fan of boobs (I wonder if I can add that to my Facebook page? "Jason has become a fan of boobs."), I'm really looking forward to this class.

Oh...wait, what?

Sorry...breastFEEDING class.

I've known lots of people with babies. As I have mentioned in a previous posting, some have breastfed for years, some, not at all.

We're planning to breastfeed. Well...Shaundar is. I'm planning to sit and stare.

At least, we're hoping to breastfeed. Talking to some peeps, I guess it's not as easy as one would naturally think. Hopefully, the class will help straighten things out.

Questions I have going in:
- What if the baby doesn't like it?
- What if it's too hard on Mom?
- How do you properly punch a person who complains that Mom is breastfeeding in public while properly covered?
and, most importantly,
- When do I get them back?

To close this post...I leave you with a picture of a couple boobs: political, again. Sorry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On the punch, make sure you follow through with your weight and make it a quick snap at the end. Trust me, she will go down fast. Oh, your not fighting a woman, in that case threaten to show him the birth video. That stuff scares the shit out of most men.

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